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We're 68 years old and still going strong!

Former Deans of the Greater Bridgeport Chapter - June 2012. Front (left to right) Flora Major, Alice Evans, Carole Fanslow. Back, Alan Barthel. RoseAnne Homola, Meg Williams, Dr. Paul Knox, Dr. John Michniewicz

We're proud of our many ongoing accomplishments as a Chapter:

  • A $2,500 annual award to a student studying organ performance in an American University (M. Louise Miller Scholarship Fund - February annual solicitation).
  • 2010 Pipe Organ Encounters summer program for teenage organ students led by wonderful instructors from the New Haven, Fairfield West and the Greater Bridgeport AGO Chapters.

Join Us!

So whether you are full-time or part-time musician, choir member, soloist, instrumentalist, come get "plugged in" to the professional and social network of peers. Learn how working together and sharing our resources we can create exciting events and link you to opportunities you might not even know exist.

John Polo

Publicity, M. Louise Miller-Paul E. Knox Scholarship

Past Chapter Deans

1948-1950:   Dorothy Kish  (founder) †

1950-1952:   Ethel H. Brandon†

1952-1954:   Robert L. Lenox†

1954-1955:   M. Louise Miller†

1955-1957:   Phyllis McCurry†

1957-1958:   Dorothy Menne†

1958-1960:   Florence B. Forstrom†

1960-1961:   Charles Hickman†

1961-1962:   Patricia Brown

1962-1964:   Dorothy Partridge

1964-1966:   John Alves

1966-1968:   Francis L. Yates†

1968-1969:   Frederick DeHaven

1969-1970:   David L. Tate

1970-1972:   Carole J. Fanslow

1972-1974:   Alice B. Evans

1974-1975:   Dr. Paul E. Knox†

1975:            Alan Barthel

1976:            Sonya T. Schopick*, Donald Keene*†

1976-1978:   Sonya T. Schopick

1978-1981:   Mark C. Kasmin

1981-1983:   Barbara Bayers Muller

1983-1985:   Suzanne Scott

1985-1986:   Bruce J. Barber

1986-1989:   Marie E. Lambert†

1989-1991:   Barbara A. Bayers

1991-1996:   K. Bryan Kirk

1996-1997:   Wilma Y. Whitley

1997-1999:   Carole J. Fanslow*, Kitty Hubbard*†

1999-2003:   David L. Yoder

2003-2007:   Flora H. Major†

2007-2009:   Dr. John T. Michniewicz

2009-2012:   RoseAnne Homola

2012-2014:   Rev. Meg Williams

2015-2016:   Rev. Meg Williams*, Dottie Cameron*

2016-2017:   Dottie Cameron*, Bernadette Aubin Allan*

2017-            Frank Martignetti


†  Deceased

*  Co-deans

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