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The Saint Mary parish pipe organ was dedicated on April 26, 2007, in a recital featuring Ezequiel Menendez and the St. Mary Church Adult Choir. The installation of this organ was a project years in the making and relied on the expertise and generosity of countless members of our parish community. The memorial plaques by the organ loft stairs list over 400 church members who donated to the Organ Fund.

Designed and built by Casavant Frères, organ builders based in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, the instrument is comprised of 2,107 pipes. They are distributed among 4 divisions: the Grand Orgue is placed at the front of the rear gallery rail, and includes a trompette-en-chamade which protrudes horizontally into the room; the Récit is enclosed within two boxes located on either side of the rose window; the Pédale sits at the rear of the gallery, with many pipes so large they lie on their sides; and lastly, the Antiphonal division hangs from the ceiling at the front of the church.

The organ was designed to be equally at home in service playing and concert settings. The antiphonal division helps to pull the sound together and better support congregational singing in our long nave. At the same time, the variety and disposition of stops make for an instrument that can successfully execute any of the organ’s vast repertoire. The organ is heard each weekend at the Saturday Vigil 4:30 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM Masses, in addition to Holy Days and Concerts throughout the year.

Parishioners and visitors who wish to see the organ in operation are encouraged to visit the organ loft after the above-mentioned Masses or contact our Music Director for a guided tour of this magnificent instrument.

Casavant Frères Opus 3863 Stoplist

Grand Orgue
Bourdon 16ʼ
Principal 8ʼ
Montre 8ʼ
Flûte à cheminée 8ʼ
Flûte harmonique 8ʼ
Prestant 4ʼ
Flûte à cheminée 4ʼ
Sesquialtera II
Fourniture IV
* Basson 16ʼ
* Trompette harmonique 8ʼ
* Hautbois 8ʼ
* Trompette-en-chamade 8ʼ


Flûte majeure 8ʼ
Salicional 8ʼ
Voix céleste 8ʼ
Octave 4ʼ
Flûte ouverte 4ʼ
Flûte octaviante 4ʼ
Nazard 2 2/3ʼ
Octavin 2ʼ
Tierce 1 3/5ʼ
Plein-Jeu III-IV
Basson 16ʼ
Trompette harmonique 8ʼ
Hautbois 8ʼ
* Trompette-en-chamade 8ʼ


Principal 8ʼ
Flûte Bouchée 8ʼ
Octave 4ʼ
Doublette 2ʼ
Mixture III
* Hautbois 8ʼ
* Trompette harmonique
* Trompette-en-Chamade 8ʼ
* Trompette-en-Chamade 16ʼ


Résultante 32ʼ
Contrebasse 16ʼ
Soubasse 16ʼ
Octavebasse 8ʼ
Flûte 8ʼ
Octave 4ʼ
* Flûte à cheminée 4ʼ
Superoctave 2ʼ
* Bombarde 16ʼ
* Basson 16ʼ
* Trompette-en-chamade 8ʼ
* Trompette 8ʼ
* Clairon 4ʼ
* Hautbois 4ʼ

* = borrowed from another division

Electro-pneumatic action. 32 level memory system with 8 general pistons and 24 divisional pistons. 10 couplers. 8 stage Expression Pedal. 4 mode programmable Crescendo Pedal.

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2010 Pipe Organ Encounter - Rehearsal Facility

Saint Mary's Church
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Frank Zilinyi, Director of Music

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06:00 pm | May 22
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