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Piano Tuners

Larry Benigno, Stratford, 203.381.0288 203.257.1451; He also sells and installs Damp-chasers. Piano life is extended and repairs are avoided. Tuning holds longer too.

Jim Salvatore, Fairfield, 203.260.8694; http://jimsalvatorepianoservice.com/ 

Gina Bonfietti, Milford, 203.500.1040; gina@ginaspiano.com; www.ginaspiano.com

Robert Alechnowicz, New Haven, 203.387.4006, Robert Alech Piano Service   


Pipe Organ Tuning/Repair/Restoration

Foley-Baker, Tolland/CT/MA, 860.870.0841; www.foleybaker.com 


Electronic Keyboard/Organ Repair

Sound Advice, Inc376 Old Woodbury Rd, Southbury, CT 06488, https://www.4squaremusicrepair.com/ - selected manufacturers


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Annual Epiphany Party 2020

What would it be without an annual Greater Bridgeport AGO social event? Join us for lots to eat, a chance to play and sing with fellow colleagues and toast the new year. Executive meeting starts at 3:30 pm - RSVP required.
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