Open Positions

Open job positions are circulated to all current members of the Chapter, immediately, as we receive them.

Completed job postings that include employer name, job location, roles/responsibilites, numbers of choirs, numbers of services, planned hours per week, any special services, types of instruments available, can be sent directly to RoseAnne Homola (Publicity) for circulation to our members.

Employers can seek the help of Carole Fanslow, Placement Services, in creating a local job posting. She can also help with interim Substitutes while a position is open.

Creating a Job Position and Career Development

For those that might need help creating a job position before or other career development resources, refer to the National AGO website to find what is needed to determine the appropriate musician for your job role. Open positions can also be posted at both the local and the national level to seek a wider group of candidates to your job position.

Carole Fanslow, Greater Bridgeport AGO Placement Services


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